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The Timeline of a hosting Giant – Hostgator

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The Birth of Hostgator

HostGator has been a host provider as early as 2002, founded by an 18year old Brent Oxley, being a student at Florida Atlantic his passion to be an entrepreneur sparked the conception off a Host provider from his Dome room. Amazingly that by 2006 Brent had accumulated over 200,000 registered Domains. Today this Web Host serves over 9 000 000 Domains, That is pretty impressive yes.

HostGator of Today

Today HostGator is owned by Endurance International Group (EIG) Another Hosting company accumulator EIG has a massive share in the Hosting market. Their mission statement is “Delight customers and help them succeed by Profitability delivering Superior Solutions and a Outstanding customer experience”.

Why Choose This Hosting Company

They have improved in leaps and bounds and no wonder they are the most sort after Web Host. Their market share is just astonishing and makes you want to say”This company is doing it Right”. Hostgator just oozes features and great benefits.

Best Industry Uptime

When it comes to equipment Hostgator has massive brute strength, boasting 99.9% Uptime guarantee which is no easy task but for Hostgator it’s a breeze. Servers are fast and never oversold and they have the most diverse Host Plans in the industry.

World Famous Support

This Host has a strong support structure that is above industry standard and a hallmark for their success. Commitment to customers is what this Web hosts foundation are built on. With support in the form of Query E-mail tickets, Telephonic or Live Chat issues or problems are corrected with ease. HostGator can turn a humble novice into a professional with their online Tutorials and help videos.

So what does it cost?

Finally, if you have 99.9% uptime, diverse Hosting plans, above average support what else would complete this case study of the perfect host “Price” Well I got news for you people. HostGator has superb host plan pricing structures that are lower than other providers yet deliver more. You will be hard pressed to find this quality of service for such a low price but if you still need a reduced price then use our discounted coupons for a further saving.

Money Back Guarantee

This Web Host offers a 45 day money back guarantee on shared or reseller packages. If at any stage you are not totally satisfied with Hostgator’s offerings just send a cancelation request and you will have your money refunded to you, sweet!

Finally HostGator has a fantastic reputation and will do anything to maintain and protect that. If you want to be successful then team up with this Web Hosting company and never walk alone, with Hostgator by your side the world is your playground, Get on board now and get your slice of the hosting pie, use any 2014 Hostgator coupon now. We EAT the Competition.