Hostgator increases social visibility| Is Social Media linked to Productivity?

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Has Social Media decreased Productivity?

About half of all companies outright prohibit the use of social networking sites for any reason while on the clock.  The remaining half is split between sanctioned uses for business purposes only, a relaxed policy of limited personal use, followed by a small base of companies who don’t set explicit rules against social media usage. Some of this is due to a fear of leaking corporate information or possible exposure to viruses due to previous records of vulnerabilities on sites like Facebook. One of the biggest reasons above all is the idea that if workers have access to social media while on the job that they will be more likely to partake in unrelated browsing activities, resulting in a loss in productivity.

Some recent studies state the contrary study conducted by the University of Melbourne states that productivity actually increased by 70%!  This shocking statistic was found to be due to the ability for the worker to break up long hours of work with brief, unobtrusive breaks, such as a quick internet query, to reduce stress on the mind – resulting in a higher total net productivity level or work completed. Even intra-networked social media activities that take place within the company’s own social network pages, blogs, or videos/podcasts can provide a meaningful boost in productivity.

Taking part in something in a social setting sparks personal creativity and makes employees more efficient. Loss of worker productivity is more of an old ideology Or, scapegoat, that companies believed in when they were too stubborn to evolve with the times.  Old-school supervisors felt that they needed to control every aspect of their work lives, instead of understanding the value of these tools.

Microsoft did a 2 year study that proves just that, by surveying nearly ten-thousand information workers in 32 locations around the world.  They found that 39% of all employees felt there wasn’t enough collaboration in the workplace and 40% think that social tools help foster better teamwork.  Best of all: 31% said they are willing to spend their own money to buy social tools for work.

That doesn’t sound like the consensus of a workforce that wants to slack on work productivity, it sounds like a workforce that wants to increase it and put out a better product.