Use Hostgator Coupons to Expose your Brand|Brand Awareness and Social Media

Hostgator 1 cent coupon deal, super savingsThe advent of social media for internet marketing and branding is the biggest boom for businesses of the new millennium.  Internet Marketing becomes so much easier and accessible once you learn how to use these social media networks to your advantage.  The old days of cold calls, expensive newspaper ads, and trade expos are practically extinct; that’s just how powerful social media has become. Getting online to expose your product or service has been made easy form Hostgator. They offer a Hostgator 1 cent hosting coupon discount on their hatchling or baby hosting plans. This offer allows you to try their services for one month at only one cent.

The Pros of using social media to promote your brand

1) The cost to advertise your brand starts at $0

Not only is it free, but the additional ability to connect directly with your your target audience or niche makes it vastly superior over traditional banner ads or traditional advertising mediums(radio, newspaper, TV).

2) Social Media’s reach is not limited to geography

Here’s another aspect of social media that is often taken for granted.  You have a world-wide, global reach to Billions of potential customers.  You don’t even necessarily need to hire a translator to start reaping the benefits of international interests.  For example, customers overseas are heavy buyers through Amazon, which means you can distribute your local products globally without any additional work or expensive supplier contracts.

3) Instant feedback from your targeted audience

Meaning, you can find out what people like, dislike, and get honest feedback from them without having to go the route of outsourcing surveys, marketing teams, and so forth.  This also helps you build a good report with those in the online community and creates a personal relationship that brings loyalty to your brand.

4) Social Media provides the most effective form of SEO for your company website

With a plethora of social networking websites at your disposal(Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit), you can create a mountain of back links to your homepage with very little effort.  Within a few months, you can have thousands of targeted customers following you and sharing your links to thousands of more potential customers, creating a flurry of traffic to your website that Google absolutely loves.  This snowball effect will rocket your company’s website through Google’s search rankings and give you even more traffic.  All of this can be achieved without spending a dime on advertising.

5) Finally, Social Media never loses it’s usefulness

Even after you’ve achieved what you would consider the highest measure of success for your particular niche, you can and should still use your social media accounts to keep track of any potential competitors.  It’s relatively easy to track keywords, mentions, hash tags, and all of that jazz through all the major social media platforms, so you’ll be able to notice if any businesses try to move in on your territory.  Or, a less aggressive route, you may even find a business