Hostgator increases social visibility| Is Social Media linked to Productivity?

Hostgator 1 cent hosting coupon promoDo employers “like” social media? It’s no secret that companies love utilizing social media for brand or product promotion, but that’s not the same case for employee use.  Why?  A user error or poor decision can instantly spread like wildfire and often cannot be undone, especially if you’re a high-profile company. Brands like hostgator who offer 1 cent hosting rely on social media to expose their products and services. Hostgator in particular utilize these channels to offer their highly popular Hostgator 1 cent coupon discount on their hatchling or baby hosting plans. This offer allows you to try their services for one month at only one cent.

Has Social Media decreased Productivity?

About half of all companies outright prohibit the use of social networking sites for any reason while on the clock.  The remaining half is split between sanctioned uses for business purposes only, a relaxed policy of limited personal use, followed by a small base of companies who don’t set explicit rules against social media usage. Some of this is due to a fear of leaking corporate information or possible exposure to viruses due to previous records of vulnerabilities on sites like Facebook. One of the biggest reasons above all is the idea that if workers have access to social media while on the job that they will be more likely to partake in unrelated browsing activities, resulting in a loss in productivity.

Some recent studies state the contrary study conducted by the University of Melbourne states that productivity actually increased by 70%!  This shocking statistic was found to be due to the ability for the worker to break up long hours of work with brief, unobtrusive breaks, such as a quick internet query, to reduce stress on the mind – resulting in a higher total net productivity level or work completed. Even intra-networked social media activities that take place within the company’s own social network pages, blogs, or videos/podcasts can provide a meaningful boost in productivity.

Taking part in something in a social setting sparks personal creativity and makes employees more efficient. Loss of worker productivity is more of an old ideology Or, scapegoat, that companies believed in when they were too stubborn to evolve with the times.  Old-school supervisors felt that they needed to control every aspect of their work lives, instead of understanding the value of these tools.

Microsoft did a 2 year study that proves just that, by surveying nearly ten-thousand information workers in 32 locations around the world.  They found that 39% of all employees felt there wasn’t enough collaboration in the workplace and 40% think that social tools help foster better teamwork.  Best of all: 31% said they are willing to spend their own money to buy social tools for work.

That doesn’t sound like the consensus of a workforce that wants to slack on work productivity, it sounds like a workforce that wants to increase it and put out a better product.

Use Hostgator Coupons to Expose your Brand|Brand Awareness and Social Media

Hostgator 1 cent coupon deal, super savingsThe advent of social media for internet marketing and branding is the biggest boom for businesses of the new millennium.  Internet Marketing becomes so much easier and accessible once you learn how to use these social media networks to your advantage.  The old days of cold calls, expensive newspaper ads, and trade expos are practically extinct; that’s just how powerful social media has become. Getting online to expose your product or service has been made easy form Hostgator. They offer a Hostgator 1 cent hosting coupon discount on their hatchling or baby hosting plans. This offer allows you to try their services for one month at only one cent.

The Pros of using social media to promote your brand

1) The cost to advertise your brand starts at $0

Not only is it free, but the additional ability to connect directly with your your target audience or niche makes it vastly superior over traditional banner ads or traditional advertising mediums(radio, newspaper, TV).

2) Social Media’s reach is not limited to geography

Here’s another aspect of social media that is often taken for granted.  You have a world-wide, global reach to Billions of potential customers.  You don’t even necessarily need to hire a translator to start reaping the benefits of international interests.  For example, customers overseas are heavy buyers through Amazon, which means you can distribute your local products globally without any additional work or expensive supplier contracts.

3) Instant feedback from your targeted audience

Meaning, you can find out what people like, dislike, and get honest feedback from them without having to go the route of outsourcing surveys, marketing teams, and so forth.  This also helps you build a good report with those in the online community and creates a personal relationship that brings loyalty to your brand.

4) Social Media provides the most effective form of SEO for your company website

With a plethora of social networking websites at your disposal(Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Reddit), you can create a mountain of back links to your homepage with very little effort.  Within a few months, you can have thousands of targeted customers following you and sharing your links to thousands of more potential customers, creating a flurry of traffic to your website that Google absolutely loves.  This snowball effect will rocket your company’s website through Google’s search rankings and give you even more traffic.  All of this can be achieved without spending a dime on advertising.

5) Finally, Social Media never loses it’s usefulness

Even after you’ve achieved what you would consider the highest measure of success for your particular niche, you can and should still use your social media accounts to keep track of any potential competitors.  It’s relatively easy to track keywords, mentions, hash tags, and all of that jazz through all the major social media platforms, so you’ll be able to notice if any businesses try to move in on your territory.  Or, a less aggressive route, you may even find a business


Hostgator is Wind Powered|Energy – a new period of enlightenment

Hostgator coupon codes 2015A time that allows us to see through all the fossil fuel industry’s billion dollar propaganda that have excluded or muddied the talks of alternative energy.  The Koch Brothers are notorious wealthy fossil fuel industry billionaires who spend millions every year buying politicians to do their bidding.  Times are changing.
Natural Gas drilling operations dominate the landscapes where they are given free-reign.  Do a search for Texas natural gas wells and you’ll be horrified by the satellite images and in-person you can imagine how pervasive it would be. You can also consider starting your own awareness website by using the Highest Hostgator coupon codes (February 2014) vouchers and specials to start your online planet saving website and try and make a difference.

The environmental impacts of coal have been long-documented.

At one point, China was building a new coal power station every week.  The effects of coal emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are immediate.  Smog dominated the landscapes of place like Beijing, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.  Some of the most polluted places on the Earth, requiring a face mask to even venture outside.

The Earth’s oceans and bodies of water aren’t safe from the effects of dirty power stations, either.

Refineries from all the major fossil fuel giants emit tons of chemicals and harsh pollutants, which in-turn contaminate the rain water, ground water, and ultimately our fresh water supply.  These contaminants travel throughout the food chain, all the way up to the biggest predators on the top

Nuclear power is scariest and most drastic example of the dangers of power plants

The fragility of our environment was on full-display when the Fukushima power station suffered the largest nuclear disaster in human history.  The amount of cover-up going on was symbolic of just how little the nuclear industry cared about human safety.  The aftermath of destruction, so massive, will continue to be measured decades after when dust settles.

All of this death and destruction due to these forms of energy can be avoided

We just need to stand-up, together, and demand our government representatives to stop accepting money from these criminals, who have well outlived their industrialized application, decades ago.  Stop providing subsidies to nuclear power plants that act as a ticking time bomb of ecological destruction. 

Let’s invest in the future of our children and our planet by investing in the limitless amount of power right in front of us.  The technology has been ready for years, countries like Denmark are already running on 100% clean renewable industry.  Are we ready to make the change and move into the 21st century

Hostgator lowers Emmisions|Save the Planet – Use Alternate Sources of Energy

 coupon codes from HostgatorBefore you read on please take advantage of our hostgator coupon codes . These coupons reduce your hosting costs. Hostgator has  a variety of hosting plan and packages to suit your needs. Save your planet by supporting hostgator as the company uses wind power.

Tapping into the Earth’s limitless resource of wind (as in it will always be there, unlike fossil fuels) is a no-brainer for those who see the path we need to take to secure our future.  Everyone has a part to play, try and do your’s

Wind Power

Wind farms are finally being launched with gusto throughout the world and even here in the U.S.  These groups of wind turbines are connected to the electric companies existing infrastructure and are so efficient that the utility companies will often buy into the surplus power created by them. 

Just how efficient are these Wind Farms?

On October 28th, last year wind power not only provided 100% of Denmark’s power but it created a surplus that produced 122% of the country’s energy needs.  Wind power was also Spain’s top source of electricity last year. 

Here in the United States, Iowa is on track to generate half it’s electricity from wind power by 2018.  Considering just how powerful oil, coal, and gas lobbyist are, that’s not a bad step towards the future.

A recent study conducted in Europe found that wind power saved 2.4 Billion Euros worth of water each year.  The equivalent to over three Olympic-sized swimming pools being consumed every minute of every day of the year to cool Europe’s nuclear, coal, and gas plants.

Nuclear and fossil fuel industry

Such as: wind turbines are an eye-sore on the landscape, they make too much noise, they are a danger to birds, and bogus weather-alteration arguments are becoming much harder to sell. 

The irony is that all of these proposed environmental impacts apply to a much more extreme case of all existing oil, gas, and coal operations throughout the country.

Fabricated Science

There isn’t any definitive data on just how many birds that wind turbines have killed.  If I had to give my honest opinion, I’d say its complete fantasy.  Birds are not dumb, their migration patterns and how they adapt to the changing climates state otherwise.

Another popular talking point is that wind turbines need to use up a large amount of land to harness the wind.  Considering that the actual footprint on the ground is the size of maybe a small house, I would say that is a gross misunderstanding or intentional distortion of the facts.

In Scotland, they use wind turbines on land that was previously only reserved for farmland or grazing for livestock.  Wind turbines don’t pollute the environment in any way, unlike natural gas wells that are imbedded into the land and contaminate the ground water with a cocktail of dangerous chemicals from illegal dumping/runoff.

We need real energy alternatives now and people are realizing this. 

We will reach irreversible climate change damage well before we ever run out of our finite fossil fuels. 

Wind power has proven to be the leader in both efficiency and ease of production/execution.  Together with other clean energy resources, such as solar, biofuels, and geothermal energy, we can live off the Earth’s limitless power without impacting the environment and leaving scars that we will never be able to heal.

HostGator is 130% wind Powered so redeem your coupon codes and help save the planet.

Tribute to the Tragic Death of Beatrice

February 2015 hostgator promo codes This website has been created to help individuals with there hosting choice. Hostagtor offers the best deals on hosting and as such have created the Hostgator coupon code October 2014 discount promo offers. To receive massive discounts from 25% to 99.9% of your hosting bill go to Hostgator coupon code for February 2015 info site to claim your savings. Super discounts on the best web hosting company.  I have dedicated a web page to the tragic death of Bea.

Beatrice, the pick of the 2010 Rizer Goldens litter was generously given to us as a wedding gift. It was a very happy time for us and her addition to our family added to that joy tremendously. Beatrice was a very special gift because she was so much more than just a dog. She was full of light and happiness that you could truly see when she pranced into a room. Bea’s heart and her funny quirks inspired me to write this blog. I called her my Sweet-Bea.

When we first got Bea, the intention was to show her. Her lineage was quite impressive and her potential as a show dog was thought to be endless. Unfortunately for Bea’s career, her heart melted ours and the thought of her being on the road at shows, away from us, was too much to bear. Beatrice was our little lap dog and her place was with us, at home. Still, the demand for Bea’s puppies was high and we had planned to breed her. In the upcoming months she was to be bred to Baker (a.k.a “Nautilus Boston Baked Beans” a US and Canadian champion) with whom the puppies would have been remarkable.

Two weeks ago, on our way back to San Francisco after a great summer vacation on the east coast, Beatrice lost her life due to the negligence of United Airlines. I’m writing this with my anger aside, in the hopes that someone looking for advice will read this and not make the mistake of trusting United with their pets as we did.

Beatrice had a perfect health record. She received a full examination and a health certificate four days before the flight, as is required by the Pet Safe program. This program is United’s branded on-board pet safety program. In addition to Pet Safe’s stringent requirements, we took every extra precaution we could think of. Both the dog’s kennels were labeled front to back with emergency numbers, flight information and warnings. Their kennels were purchased specifically for the measurements and design specified by Pet Safe. We purchased special water bowls which we filled with ice to ensure that the water wouldn’t spill and that it would last longer. We drove the six hours to New York City from our house in Northern New York State, so the dogs wouldn’t have to make a connecting flight. We paid United Airlines $1800.00, in addition to our plane tickets, to ensure the safety of our pets. Albert and Bea were very prepared travelers.

When we arrived in San Francisco to pick up our dogs we drove to the dark cargo terminal and on arrival in the hanger were told simply, “one of them is dead” by the emotionless worker who seemed more interested in his text messages. It took thirty minutes for a supervisor to come to tell us, “it was the two year old.” Subsequently we requested that our dog be returned to us and were told that she had been delivered to a local vet for an autopsy. Whatever thread of trust remained between us and United broke and we then insisted that she be returned to us for our own autopsy by our trusted veterinarian, Shann Ikezawa, DVM from Bishop Ranch Veterinary Center. Over the next two hours the supervisor’s lie unraveled as it became clear that Bea was right behind a closed door the whole time and he had been discussing how to handle the potential liability with his boss who had left and sticking to the divert and stall tactic that they had been taught. Eventually Bea was returned and we drove her to the vet at midnight.

William Spangler DVM, PhD performed Beatrice’s necropsy (a dog autopsy). From the findings, it is Dr. Spangler’s opinion that Beatrice’s death was from heatstroke. Our little Beatrice died in pain, scared and alone. Dr. Spangler also said that “in my experience it is not unusual for a single dog in airline transit to be affected while other dogs of the same breed survive the trip apparently unscathed.”

It will be two weeks since Beatrice was killed by United Airlines and since then United has refused to give us any information about what happened to our beloved little Bea other then, “our internal investigation does not show any irregularities, as evidenced by the fact that your companion dog and other animals on board did not suffer the same fate”. I’m not sure why the fact that the other dogs were not killed clears United Airlines but, they seem to think it does.

They had nothing to say about the fact that the plane had been turned off (for at least fifteen minutes each time) twice before take-off in Newark, nor did they have anything to say when I requested information about her placement in the plane or about baggage being packed around her. United Airlines additionally called our veterinarian and fabricated a story about having an email from me, authorizing them to obtain the necropsy results. This, after I specifically told them that we would release the results to them at our discretion.

Aside from being completely emotionally distraught over the loss of our little Bea, I am so saddened by the complete lack of competence, honesty and compassion that United has shown. I am not writing this to start a lawsuit or to get anyone to stop flying United. I am writing this to help make people aware that airlines are incapable of ensuring the safety of our pets. All it takes is for one employee to not follow the proper procedure and then like me, your dog is dead.

I can’t say exactly what happened to Beatrice on the plane two weeks ago. If United had been able to be honest, it would have helped us to find closure. All I know is what the necropsy told us, Beatrice died from heatstroke. It is said to be an agonizing death.

Beatrice should have been happy, healthy and spoiled with us for years and years to come.

Please don’t make the mistake I made that cost our dog her life. Please, don’t trust that an airline will truly care and provide safety to your beloved pet. At some point in the two hours that Bea was in the care of United Airlines before she died, someone made a mistake and because of that, our loving, happy sweet Bea is no longer in our lives.

I will miss her forever.

Thank you for supporting beamakesthree over the past few years, I greatly appreciate it and have really enjoyed everyone’s comments. This will be the last post.

Bea deserved so much more.