Hostgator is Wind Powered|Energy – a new period of enlightenment

Hostgator coupon codes 2015A time that allows us to see through all the fossil fuel industry’s billion dollar propaganda that have excluded or muddied the talks of alternative energy.  The Koch Brothers are notorious wealthy fossil fuel industry billionaires who spend millions every year buying politicians to do their bidding.  Times are changing.
Natural Gas drilling operations dominate the landscapes where they are given free-reign.  Do a search for Texas natural gas wells and you’ll be horrified by the satellite images and in-person you can imagine how pervasive it would be. You can also consider starting your own awareness website by using the Highest Hostgator coupon codes (February 2014) vouchers and specials to start your online planet saving website and try and make a difference.

The environmental impacts of coal have been long-documented.

At one point, China was building a new coal power station every week.  The effects of coal emitting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are immediate.  Smog dominated the landscapes of place like Beijing, Los Angeles, and Mexico City.  Some of the most polluted places on the Earth, requiring a face mask to even venture outside.

The Earth’s oceans and bodies of water aren’t safe from the effects of dirty power stations, either.

Refineries from all the major fossil fuel giants emit tons of chemicals and harsh pollutants, which in-turn contaminate the rain water, ground water, and ultimately our fresh water supply.  These contaminants travel throughout the food chain, all the way up to the biggest predators on the top

Nuclear power is scariest and most drastic example of the dangers of power plants

The fragility of our environment was on full-display when the Fukushima power station suffered the largest nuclear disaster in human history.  The amount of cover-up going on was symbolic of just how little the nuclear industry cared about human safety.  The aftermath of destruction, so massive, will continue to be measured decades after when dust settles.

All of this death and destruction due to these forms of energy can be avoided

We just need to stand-up, together, and demand our government representatives to stop accepting money from these criminals, who have well outlived their industrialized application, decades ago.  Stop providing subsidies to nuclear power plants that act as a ticking time bomb of ecological destruction. 

Let’s invest in the future of our children and our planet by investing in the limitless amount of power right in front of us.  The technology has been ready for years, countries like Denmark are already running on 100% clean renewable industry.  Are we ready to make the change and move into the 21st century