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Tapping into the Earth’s limitless resource of wind (as in it will always be there, unlike fossil fuels) is a no-brainer for those who see the path we need to take to secure our future.  Everyone has a part to play, try and do your’s

Wind Power

Wind farms are finally being launched with gusto throughout the world and even here in the U.S.  These groups of wind turbines are connected to the electric companies existing infrastructure and are so efficient that the utility companies will often buy into the surplus power created by them. 

Just how efficient are these Wind Farms?

On October 28th, last year wind power not only provided 100% of Denmark’s power but it created a surplus that produced 122% of the country’s energy needs.  Wind power was also Spain’s top source of electricity last year. 

Here in the United States, Iowa is on track to generate half it’s electricity from wind power by 2018.  Considering just how powerful oil, coal, and gas lobbyist are, that’s not a bad step towards the future.

A recent study conducted in Europe found that wind power saved 2.4 Billion Euros worth of water each year.  The equivalent to over three Olympic-sized swimming pools being consumed every minute of every day of the year to cool Europe’s nuclear, coal, and gas plants.

Nuclear and fossil fuel industry

Such as: wind turbines are an eye-sore on the landscape, they make too much noise, they are a danger to birds, and bogus weather-alteration arguments are becoming much harder to sell. 

The irony is that all of these proposed environmental impacts apply to a much more extreme case of all existing oil, gas, and coal operations throughout the country.

Fabricated Science

There isn’t any definitive data on just how many birds that wind turbines have killed.  If I had to give my honest opinion, I’d say its complete fantasy.  Birds are not dumb, their migration patterns and how they adapt to the changing climates state otherwise.

Another popular talking point is that wind turbines need to use up a large amount of land to harness the wind.  Considering that the actual footprint on the ground is the size of maybe a small house, I would say that is a gross misunderstanding or intentional distortion of the facts.

In Scotland, they use wind turbines on land that was previously only reserved for farmland or grazing for livestock.  Wind turbines don’t pollute the environment in any way, unlike natural gas wells that are imbedded into the land and contaminate the ground water with a cocktail of dangerous chemicals from illegal dumping/runoff.

We need real energy alternatives now and people are realizing this. 

We will reach irreversible climate change damage well before we ever run out of our finite fossil fuels. 

Wind power has proven to be the leader in both efficiency and ease of production/execution.  Together with other clean energy resources, such as solar, biofuels, and geothermal energy, we can live off the Earth’s limitless power without impacting the environment and leaving scars that we will never be able to heal.

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