Web Hosting 101- Internet Basic Terms Explained|All about Hosting

Let’s understand and get your mind set right

Don’t be Afraid

Hostgator coupon code hosting specialAll well and good reading all this terminology and not having a clue what we are talking about. This tutorial will ease the tension of the internet” New folks/newbie’s”, hopefully this will explain the commonly used terms relating to Internet or hosting references. If you just want to jump to buying hosting the hostgator one month one cent code will help reduce your hosting.

Think of the Internet, Web host, hosting and host plans as Real estate, buying land, registering deeds/title, plans, and building and finally advertising to make money from your investment, remember everyone started somewhere but what’s more important is that they made that decision to take that step into becoming a property owner. Register your domain, copy a coupon, choose a plan and design your website and let the world admire your offerings.

Domain Name

Form of simple Identification label to indicate ownership or control, unique name (much like your Identity Number), eg amazon, facebook, twitter etc


Top Level Domain, eg .com, .org, .net etc


Central database containing all domain names and registration information(Owner Info), prices vary per registra


It is a Unix based web host control panel, the cPanel provides a graphical setup interface that has numerous automation tools and functions making easy work of hosting administration. Simple to use and provides excellent control of installation of software right from your dashboard.

Web Hosting

It is a service which allows your registered domain name to be accessed via the World Wide Web. All your website information is stored on your host computer/server. Your host directs all requests pertaining to you domain name to your hosted files on their servers and so that your website is visible anywhere in the world. Prices vary and are determined by bandwidth usage, space on server, no of accounts/domain names and access priority by means of a private IP address.

Start now Start here

Firstly you need to have a plan, service, product or an idea or niche area you would want to enter. Research your specific business area and check competition and demand. Head over to hostgator, register a domain, copy hostgator coupons code 2014  and apply, choose a hosting plan and design a website using wordpress free templates, super simple and try and make your site work for you.

“It is better to try and to fail than to fail to try and forever experience the inestimable loss of what might have been.” Author unknown