4 Reasons Why Company Stamp Is Still In Use and a Few Tips When Making It!

From small businesses to big companies, both of them need a company stamp. But, does it still use even in a digital era? Nowadays, we can tell that technology is massively used by people. You can find that it uses in almost every different place and even applied in a variety of fields. Because of that, you may find it familiar to see the company stamp in a digital form. People start to apply the digital stamp since technology has become a regular part of a business area. However, even though technology force people to use the digital stamp, people still use the manual stamp since it is still relevant to be used.   

If you wonder why people still use the manual stamp, then you might need to know these several reasons for that. So, here are the reasons!  

The Reasons Why Manual Company Stamp Is Still In Use 

You need to know that the manual stamp still becomes an essential part of a business. Its role is something you can’t stop to play in an area of business. If you want to know about the reasons why , so here are the details about that! 

1. Printed Document Is Still Regularly Used 

Even though the digital document is frequently used in a business area, for most people printed document is still well-liked. Sometimes, the eyes feel more tired when we read and work in front of the screen in a long time. Therefore, people tend to used printed documents because it is more comfortable to read than the digital one. So, as the printed document is still relevant, there will always be a demand for using a manual company stamp. 

2. Affordable 

The second reason people still use manual stamp because it is affordable. You don’t need to worry since you won’t spend a lot of budgets only to buy the manual company stamp. With that price, you can use it repeatedly. You can make at least 1000 impressions at that inexpensive price. After 1000 impressions, the thing you need to do is refill the ink. For your information, you won’t spend a lot of money on buying the ink since it is also affordable. That’s the reason why people still use it! 

3. Easy to Use 

Another reason people still choose it is because a manual stamp is easy to use. You can almost ask anyone to help you stamp the documents. That’s because there is no specific direction for using a manual company stamp. After all, it is super easy to be used. As a result, it only takes a little time to use a manual stamp. Besides, the manual company stamp doesn’t require you to be computer literate or anything like that. 

Tips When Making a Company Stamp 

If you are interested in making a company stamp, maybe you can follow these few tips. 

1. Prepare the Information 

There are several basic information required for making a company stamp. The required information is the business or company’s name, logo, contact, registration number, and you can add more based on your need. 

2. Find the Best Company Stamp Maker 

All of the process of making a company stamp will be doing by the stamp maker. Try to find the specialist Company Stamp maker to help you get a good company stamp.  

3. Required Things to Be Decide Before Making Company Stamp  

Before you go to the stamp maker, you have to decide on the shape, size, type, and color of ink for your company stamp. 

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