5 Ways to Increase Social Media Engagement

Strong social media engagement can be a sign that a company or brand has an impact on consumers. Social media engagement will also not only make your company look popular, but also be a sign that the company and customers have a good relationship.

In this digital era, social media can be used as a good marketing medium in Singapore apart from the standard marketing methods such as printing of banners, flyers, post cards or roll up banners. By increasing engagement, companies can attract more target audiences and grow larger. Here are 5 ways to increase social media engagement that you should try. Let’s see!

  1. Perform Analysis

The first step you have to do is analyse to find out how your company’s social media engagement is. Keep track of the current number of followers and the average number of likes and comments you get for each content you post. With this data, you can find out how your social media is growing. In addition, you also need to monitor your social media to find out what kind of content can attract a lot of engagement.

  • Know who your target audience is

To get good engagement, a company must know who its target audience is. Companies must know how their style, age, style of language, tone of voice, and others. By identifying the target audience, companies can be helped in several ways, such as:

  • What kind of social media appeals to them (other brands or your competitors)
  • Determining the right time to publish content
  • Preferred type of content
  • Define company characteristics
  • Provide valuable content

Once you know who your target audience is, it’s time to create content that has value for your audience. Quality or value content is content that can meet a need or answer an audience’s problem. Content must also remain relevant to your company brand.

To get engagement, the content does not only contain information about the product but also must be able to attract further conversation. For example, you can add a question sentence to encourage your audience to leave a comment. Use your creativity to create different types of content. There are several types of content for social media that you can create, such as:

  • Poll content
  • Videos
  • UGC or User Generated Content
  • Quiz
  • Humour
  • Q&A (Questions and Answers). and others.

Once you’ve posted these different types of content, you can analyse what kind of content gets the most engagement. After that, readjust the content type with other information for the next post content.

  • Creating up to date content

One way to get high engagement is to participate in creating content related to trending or viral moments. For example, you can create content on the topic of popular movies that people are talking about, and then associate that content with your brand or product. Or if you use Twitter as a marketing medium, you can open the Top Trends feature to see what events are currently trending topics. Take advantage of these moments to create useful post content for your consumers or target audience.

This strategy can be put to good use by Netflix US on Twitter. They create content related to trending topics. The content is a mix of animated GIFs with snippets of popular shows. With this content, Netflix US can get a lot of likes, shares (retweets), and comments.

  • Keep in touch

So that consumers or target audiences stay engaged with your company’s social media, you must continue to maintain good communication. As much as possible you answer direct messages, mentions, or comments that come in quickly. It can also show that the company or brand cares about its consumers.

In addition to answering questions from consumers, you can also start a conversation with people who have the opportunity to promote your brand. It should be noted, when talking to consumers through social media platforms, you must show a human sign so that consumers don’t feel like they are talking to a robot. You can use emoticons or warm and friendly tones.

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