Beginner’s Guide to Certificate Printing

Certification holds great meaning and importance. It is given as a symbol of acknowledgment to someone who has reached a certain achievement or has accomplished something. 

A certificate must be able to give the impression that the receiver is valued, thus the design and printing options are really important to make sure that the certificate has the best quality possible such as the service which you can get via Kiasu Rubber Stamp

What Needs to be Considered for Certification Design? 

First of all, try to count the budget or money that you have for the certificate printing. Then, take the scale of the event into account. The bigger and more formal it is, the greater the need for a lavish and proper looking certificate. Thus, the larger the sum of money that you have to put into production because you have to go for high quality printing. 

On the contrary, if the event is non formal and small, then you can settle on an average quality certificate. 

Try to make a design that can match the scale of the event and the level of quality that you want in mind. Most importantly, make sure that it is good enough for at least decent quality printing, if not high quality. 

Template or From Scratch? 

The process of designing a certificate can feel like a real predicament to some people especially if they are not familiar with designing and what should be done to support high quality printing. 

If that is the case, then choosing a template is the best way to go. Templates are easy to customize however you want and you can save up a lot of time instead of trying to understand the quite intricate professional design software. However, if you are professional who wishes to save time, using a template and working from it is also a good decision. But of course, making the design of a certificate from scratch is definitely allowed too. 

Certificate Printing 

Don’t try to print your certificate at home with your basic printer especially if you aim to get high quality certificates. Leave the job to professionals, which can be found in printing services. There, you also get to choose the type of paper that suits your certificate design the best. By leaving the printing job to a printing service, you can save up time and energy. 


If you want your certificate to have more impact on the recipient, then try to choose a finish for the final touch of your certificate. There are a lot of finishes that you can choose to use, especially if you are printing on premium paper that is thicker and more durable than common paper. Many people choose to either emboss or deboss a certain word on the certificate. Some others prefer UV or foil stamping to add an extra shine and impact to the design. There are still many more beneficial finishes that can be chosen, and you should definitely ask the printing shop that you have agreed to work with for the availabiliity of the finishes there along with the compatiblity with the type of paper you choose.

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