Make Sure These 6 Things Before Printing Your Sticker!

From promoting media, decoration items, information tools, and more purposes that you can do by using a sticker. Besides a sticker can be applied for a variety of purposes, it also has an affordable price and easy to create. But since the sticker is easy to make, don’t be underestimate the process of creating it, because there are several things you should be concern about, especially before you print the sticker. By knowing this, you can minimize the risk of making a failed sticker. These are 6 things that you need to make sure before printing the sticker! 

1. Is the design fits on your need or concept? 

Begin with ensuring the design! Is the design can represent your concept? Or is the design convey what you wanna show to the people? If you are not sure about this, then you can still redesign or fix it. Don’t be regret it because having a sticker that does not suit the concept or needs. As long as you still have time to fix it, then you can fix it! 

2. Is the information on the sticker valid? 

Never print the sticker before ensuring the information that shows on it. Make sure you only include the latest information on your sticker. For example, if you include the phone number on the sticker, please make sure it can be reached by people. It is because, how people can call you if you put the wrong number on it? So, you should become careful about the invalid information on the sticker that you have made. 

3. Have you checked the typographical error? 

A  typographical error can causes misinformation or maybe makes people get confused about the word that they are reading. Besides, a typo can lose the opportunity for example in business. If you do the typo for a business phone number, your potential consumer might be can not call you with that number. So, you must make sure about the typographical error on the sticker. 

4. Have you known about the perfect size for your sticker? 

If you have already finished the design for your sticker, then have you determine the size of it? Before you print it, you should estimate the size of your sticker. You don’t want to make a wrong size sticker, right? So, before you print it, make sure that you know the perfect size for it! 

5. Can people read this information easily? 

Any information text on your sticker will be nothing if people can not read it. If you think the information won’t be easily to read because the font size and type, then you still can change it before you print it. You can scale up the font size or maybe choose another font type that more simply to read. 

6. Where do you want to print the sticker? 

You can print the sticker independently by yourself or go to the sticker printing service. But remember, you’ll get a different quality result if you do it by yourself or in the sticker printing services. Since the sticker printing service has more experience with the sticker, you can also make different types of stickers such as the UV sticker, the transparent sticker, the Mirrorkote, or the other type of sticker. 

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