Read These Tips Before You Put Information On Sticker Labels

Look around, you may find a product that has a sticker label on its package. Maybe on the surface of a cookie jar or a yogurt bottle. Sticker labels become popular since people can add more information either about their product or business on it. By putting more information, consumers or potential consumers can get more information about the product. Therefore, it can enhance the probability of sales. Besides, an affixed sticker label on the product package gives the impression that your product can be trusted by the consumer. However, before you add information on a sticker label, please in mind that there are several tips about that. So, let’s go straight for the details! 

1. Manage Information 

So the first point, you shouldn’t put everything on the sticker labels since of its limited size and area. You can make it focus solely on your logo and business name, or you can add more information to it. But, be careful when adding more information. Only the most important ones should be chosen for it. Here are some examples of basic information that is usually required.  

  • Name of business or product 
  • Contact 
  • Year of establishment 
  • Types of product 
  • Size 

Note: You can add more information based on your need.  

2. Validate and Update 

Once you have already chosen certain information to be included on the sticker label, make sure if that information is valid. Also, don’t forget to make sure that you only use the latest information about it. Do you know one of the benefits of doing it? For instance, if you are still putting an old phone number that’s no longer in use, the probability of losing consumers will be increasing. That’s why one of the benefits of doing these things is minimizing the risk of losing customers from not being able to reach you. 

3. Bold 

Usually, people set the most important word or text in bold. That’s because it makes the word or text stand out from the other information. So, people will notice and see it first. So, if there is information that you think should be noticed first by the consumer, then you can consider to set it in bold. 

4. Slogan 

There might be at least one product slogan stuck in your head! But why can it be stuck right there? It is because the slogan always appears together with the logo or name of the product. That’s the reason why it becomes easier for us to remember that slogan when we think about certain products. Do you have a slogan for your business or product? Then, you can try to include it on the sticker labels. 

5. Typo 

Your sticker label isn’t finished until you’ve confirmed that there aren’t any typos on it. Why? That is because you can get the same risk as when you put invalid and the old information on your sticker labels. So, before you print the sticker, please note that you must be checked typographical error first! 

6. Use Number 

Have you seen this “100% Organic”? Actually, people can write only “Organic Vegetables” and consumers would understand it. But when it becomes “100% Organic”, it becomes even more powerful and attractive. Do you see the difference? If you do, you can think about trying it out on your sticker label! 

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