Remember These Design and Printing Tips For Name Card in Singapore

Professionals know how important it is to have a good name card to introduce themselves toward their potential business partners, customers, clients, and so on. A name card in Singapore may be a simple tool, but it needs to be designed properly and in a certain way so that it can look outstanding and come off as impressive at the recipient of it. A name card needs to be able to leave a good impression and help you to get remembered by the person who receives your name card. For this, a few things need to be taken into consideration during the designing and the printing process because they work side by side with each other in order to create a satisfactory name card.

1. Consider Printing Options

The decisions that you make for the printing process of name card production can affect the way you design it too. This is very important and you have to be clear about it.

First, the Singapore name card shape and size.

There is no clear rule about the name card shape and size. Although, there is a common size of 3 x 2.5 inches that a lot of people normally go for. Name cards now don’t only come in rectangular shape. Name cards have a larger variety of sizes now, and as long as it is still proper, it is completely alright to have a name card in a unique shape.

Then, the paperweight. Name cards are printed on card stock and they vary in weight. Some papers are lighter than the others. For name cards, it is much preferable to use premium papers or heavyweight papers that are thicker and more durable. They come off ass more elegant looking and more suitable for formal occasions as well.

Finishes for an extra touch can be very beneficial for the final result of your name card. For name cards, there are a few types of finishes that you can choose to make your name card look better and even turn it more durable. Most people choose to coat their name card, some other laminate them. However, there are a number of other finishes that can be chosen and you have to ask each printing service about what is available for your name card production.

Color processing should also be something that you should pay attention to. Just remember to design and print using CMYK colors or 4 color processing so that you can get accurate colors. If you design in RGB colors and print with CMYK inks which is most commonly used by printers, then the colors that you get most likely won’t be precise. To avoid this, you have to make sure that you design in CMYK or convert the RGB colors into CMYK.

2. Trial And Error

It is important to ask around for people’s opinions and try to print several different versions of name card. Find one that is most preferred especially by the type of people that are included as your target audience.

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