Things You Need to Know About the Common Seal

Are you planning to make a common seal? If so, then you are on the right page. A common seal is one of the official seals from a company/organization that they use on the legal documents. This is a form of evidence that the document has been approved and valid. Usually, it is widely used by companies or organizations that issue documents such as shareholder certificates/letters, legal agreements, and transferable instruments. Even though at this time, most countries made the common seal no longer an obligation to exist or be affixed on a document. If you want to make one, then you can make it in the common seal in Singapore

Before going any further, you need to know the shape of the common seal. In simple terms, the common seal is a pair of metal and/or iron plates. This metal plate has lower and upper dies. This mold that is obtained is a design that needs to be there first before you place an order. Of course, this design is obtained from the logo of your company or organization. Okay, let’s get back to our lower and upper prints. The two upper and lower molds will meet each other by pressing it. The two metal prints that meet each other will press the paper and produce a textured logo, or so-called emboss. In the past, people used red wax that was heated, and the wax liquid was pressed by the metal that attached to a stick-like holder. So that when it is lifted, it will produce ‘adhesive’ that appears. Currently, the basic concept is still the same, but using a red sticker. 

One country that uses the common seal is Singapore. Since 31 March 2017, it is not mandatory for companies to affix a common seal in their executed documents. Prior to this regulation, operating companies or organizations had to include a common seal on their documents. Before that same date, a similar article in a constitution of an organization or company incorporated before 31 March 2017, would state that the common seal under the provision and authority of the organization or company would have to be affixed on the documents before 2 directors. In this case, the company/organization secretary, or a director and an authorized signatory in it. In other words, if the current regulations require you to include a common seal, then there is no alternative but to fulfil that requirement. 

Common seals are arguably unique in terms of design and concept. Especially in the emboss thing that it has. As you know, most of the seals or stamps used are generally in the form of ordinary. In other words, no embossed form is produced. This is an advantage that the common seal has when compared to other similar seals. 

If you want to make a common seal similar, it is very easy. You only need to prepare the company logo design that you want. Then you go to your nearest common seal maker. You can consult with them first so that your common seal results will satisfy you. Good luck! 

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