Three Simple Finishes for a More Memorable Name Card

These days, people are more aware of how important the design of a name card is. And with the continuously advancing technology, people can easily pour their creativity onto the designs now more than ever. Even if they are not familiar with designing software or applications, there are hundreds or even thousands of designers they can hire easily anytime they need.

In order to compete with your clients, you must be wondering how you can make your name card more eye-catching so that it can easily capture the attention of the receiver.

Well, know that in name card printing, the design of the name card is not everything. You can make it better and stand out more by choosing the right type of finish for your name card. Not only that it enhances the look of your name card, but a finish may also make your name card last longer.

1. Die cutting

Die cutting allows you to make a name card with a shape more interesting compared to a basic rectangular name card people usually have. Die cutting makes it possible for you to make a card in any shape you desire. It can even allow you to cut only a certain part of your card to make a unique design. Die cutting can show how dynamic and creative your business or company is, and this is very good and beneficial especially if you are working within the boundaries of the creative industry.

2. Fold

Yes, as the word sounds, your card can have a fold. Meaning that there will be double the space and more room for you to add extra information on your card. Other benefits of choosing to make a fold for your name card is that the fold will obviously make your name card look distinct and unique compared to other name cards because it is rather unusual to have a name card with four sides. This may leave a strong and lasting impression that will surely benefit you in trying to reel in more business partners and clients.

3. Embossing or debossing

Your card does not always have to be flat. Play around with it and make the surface more elevated or sank in with embossing and debossing. Embossing means that your card will have a heightened surface on certain parts such as certain texts or symbol or logo on your card, while debossing does the opposite. This will make your name card textured and appear nicer. It gives the receiver a different sensory experience upon getting your name card and this may cause them to remember you from how unique your name card is.

There are still a lot more types of finishes that you can choose for your name card. Each printing service may have some that the others don’t, so make sure that you check in with them to know what is available and what is not. In choosing finishes for your name card, you can combine two or more to make a better name card.

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